Why Choose Us?

Intelligent Design; we're inclined to mind our business; promote mental fitness, 'cause the mind's our business. Every layer has layers and advances thought. That's what makes it different from the last you bought. ID speaks, so you don't have to utter a word. You can say it with your chest and know their eyes heard. From the Temple to the people, making the truth HOT. If our shirt's on your back, then your back is got. 

              Confidence is silient. Say it with your chest.

Temple Tower Society 

Design Team Quote Inspiration- Kevin Hart

About Us

Maya Ife'

Lead Intelligent Designer

We are instigators of higher intelligence. An art-science based spiritual society focused on increasing awareness of the universal laws and primary systems that shape our reality. We use any medium for any occassion, personal or professional, to help you create your chosen reality for the benefit of all.


Our public New York City office is available for clients receiving consultations for personal/professional projects, services and events only. For graphic design work, Henna Design and/or commisioned art work we will communicate via internet, phone, home/site visit or at our Westchester Art Lab. By appointment.


40 Exchange Place New York, NY 10038

Temple Hours

Monday — Friday

10:00 AM —6:30 PM


Noon — 7:00 PM


Noon — 7:00 PM